Distributor & service agents for SpotFree ® Water Softeners and Filters

The SpotFree™ water filter and water softening system is one of the best water filtration and softening systems and products in the market. Our equipment is ideal for any Boat or Car owner. It's portable and assembles quickly, making it the ideal solution for the person on the go.

The SpotFree ® water purification system produces an endless supply of soft, filtered water for drinking. It's excellent for use when filtering tap water.

This product is a great filtration and water softening system for rinsing off your boat without leaving the streaks, spots, and rings that unfiltered, hard water does.


SpotFree ® water softeners

Ideal for all types of boat available in different sizes.

Spot Free® 1000

Spot Free® 2500

Spot Free® 5000