Arneson dealership/approved workshop facility

Arneson Surface Drives are among the most efficient marine propulsion systems in the world. Their surface-piercing propeller design reduces underwater drag by 50% compared to conventional submerged propeller drive systems.

The only surfaces to contact the water are propeller blades and a protective skeg. This results in higher overall speed, quicker acceleration, and a better payload to power ratio... AND... 50% less drag significantly improves fuel economy while lowering operating costs. Arneson Surface Drives come in ten model sizes and various configurations for each model. Available in, Aluminum or bronze castings, straight or drop-center models, 12 or 24 volt compatible systems


used equipment

2 x Arneson Surface Drives ASD15L units complete with steering and trim cylinders, and engine room hydraulic control system.
1 x re-manned ASD14 drive.